Energypac 56″ Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan – White

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Features that make our Energy Saving Fan unique are:
Excellent energy consumption rate (65W only) and is 35% more efficient than ordinary fans.

  • Payback period of 2.5 years (Within 2.5 years, the savings from using your fan will allow you to get back the investment you made for acquiring your Fan)
  • 5 Star rating for its remarkable energy efficiency from BSTI (Best QUALITY assurance).
  • Sleek design and aerodynamic wide blades allow high velocity and maximum air delivery throughout the room.
  • Rust free Aluminum sheet made
  • Safety wire (Prevents unwanted accidents)
  • Annual saving of 50 megawatts of electricity (Equivalent to planting 1 Million Trees)
  • Energypac Ceiling Fan delivers 250 m3/min of air, which surpasses most fan’s air delivery, which are available in the market.

Energypac’s Energy efficient fan is the only fan manufactured in Bangladesh which has secured the prestigious “5 STAR” rating for it exceptional service value. Service value is an equation which accurately demonstrates the efficiency of a ceiling fan regarding maximum air delivery in relation to total electricity consumption (watts). In order to achieve the “5 Star” rating, a particular ceiling fan has to get the score of 3.45 or above for its service value. Whereas our fan has scored 3.85, which is significantly higher than the requirement and hence we have received the “5 Star” rating.


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