Best GSM Cutter Machines in Bangladesh

Best GSM Cutter Machines in Bangladesh

Textile Testing

There are lots of GSM Cutter Machine in Bangladesh. Some of them cutter Machine has warranty coverage and some non-warranty products. And Some Machines are branded, some non-branded products in our country.

In there, some machine’s performance is highly appreciated and some are very poor performing machine.

The available GSM Sample Cutter Machines in Bangladesh:

  1. James Heal GSM Cutter or Sample Machine
  2. Schroder GSM Round Cutter for Paper, Fabric
  3. Hand Press CU-268 hydraulic cutter machine
  4. Ramp GSM round cutter machine
  5. James h Heal  GSM cutter (copy of James Heal) Machine
  6. Trolux GSM or sample cutter machine
  7. Tony Hydraulic Round Sample Cutter Machine
  8. Ramp hydraulic round GSM cutter and many more in this country.

Depend on performance, service, longevity, brand value, after-sales services, buyer satisfaction we select the first two machines that mean James Heal Fabric Sample Cutter and Schroder Sample Cutter Machine are the best for Bangladesh.

Description of James Heal Fabric sample Cutter and Schroder GSM or Sample Cutter machine is below:

James Heal Sample Cutter Machine

James Heal Sample Cutter or Fabric cutter machine for the preparation of test specimens such as woven, non-woven or knitted textiles, carpet, film, foam, paper or board.

James Heal GSM Cutter Machine in Bangladesh
 James Heal GSM or Fabric Cutter Machine in Bangladesh

Features of James Heal Cutter Machine:

  • Simple & user-friendly: Sample Cutters enable you quickly and accurately cut circular specimens of a fixed diameter
  • Accuracy: UKAS-accredited Certificates of Calibration are available to confirm the cutting accuracy of these instruments
  • Cut any material: From woven, nonwoven and knitted textiles, to carpet, film, foam, paper, and board – with heavy-duty blades to cut specimens up to 10mm thick
  • Choice & variety: We can offer any diameter between 38mm and 140mm

Standards: ISO 12947, EN 12127, Brand: James Heal, Origin: UK

Where to Buy: Labtex Bangladesh or Overseas Marketing Corporation

Schroder GSM Round Sample Cutter Machine

Schroder Sample cutter machine is a better gsm or sample cutter machine in worldwide. This is a popular machine after James heal cutter machine.

Schroder GSM or sample Cutter Machine, Germany
Schroder Round Cutter Machine, Germany

Features of Schroder Sample Cutter Machine:

Supply with Germany Blades; Grey & black supporting pad
Can be used for virtually including film, foam, carpet, paper, and board.
Accurately cut out 100cm2 specimen (diameter 113mm);
Apply for textile fabric, carpet, film, foam, paper, and board;
Complete with cutting Rubber Board & 4 spare S.S. Blades.
To determine the GSM of the fabric (Woven, Non-Woven or Knitted fabric).
Size of the Sample Dia. to be cut: 113 mm Size (100 cm2)
4 High-quality blades for a precision cut. GSM Calculation Balance GSM200 


  • Built-in four display units g, g/m2, oz, oz/yd2
  • Max. Capacity 200g x 0.01g, 20,000g/m2 x 1g/m2, 7 oz x 0.0005oz, 590 oz/yd2 x 0.05oz/yd2
  • Platform Size Diameter 100mm (Round)
  • Completed With Plastic Wind Shield
  • Power Supply 12 VAC ~150mA Adapter or 6 x AA Batteries

Where to Buy: Labtex Bangladesh or Vision Tex Co.

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