Biology Lab Apparatus For School And College

Biology Lab Apparatus for School and College

General Science

Here we try to publish the common Biology Lab apparatus or instrument, Equipment for School and College in Bangladesh.

  1. Slide plain 50mm glass made
  2. Dissecting box cloth made
  3. Microscope compound mono
  4. Electron Microscope
  5. Glycerin 500ml
  6. Safranin 100ml
  7. Dissecting Tray plastic
  8. Petri dish plastic
  9. Watch glass
  10. Brush
  11. Cotton Plug
  12. Test tube holder
  13. Permanent Slides of Animals
  14. Whole-mount of Amoeba, Paramecium, Hydra, Section through lung, Stomach, Intestine, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Smooth Muscle of Mammals, Cardiac Muscle of Mammals, Voluntary Muscle of Mammals
  15. Museum Specimens
  16. Bath Sponge, Jellyfish, Tape Worm, Round Worm, Earth Worm, Common leech, Common Prawn, Octopus, Common Shark, common catfish, Common Toad, A wall Lizard in local Jar.
  17. Magpie robin
  18. Guinea pig
  19. Parts of bones
  20. Atlas, Axis, Cervical vertebra, Thoracic vertebra, Lumber vertebra, Coccyx, Scapula

Here we only publish the biology equipment name right now but the description will be added day by day. Biology is a core subject of a science student. And it’s practical also most necessary for every biology student. If the school level practical understand better, higher-level practical will be very easy.

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